4th grader commits suicide; parents blame bullying

(WRCB/NBC News) The family of a Tennessee fourth grader who took his own life is hoping they can help others by sharing their story.

The boy was a student at Chattanooga’s Orchard Park Elementary School.

“They want to stop this from happening to someone else’s children. I think that is a honorable,” Bishop Kevin Adams, the family’s pastor, says.

Adams, who is serving as the family spokesperson as they grieve, is still in shock after everything that happened.

“It’s a tragic situation to know that our kids are dealing with such pressure and dealing with such issues of depression and thoughts of suicide at such an early age,” he says.

Adams says the 9-year-old was bullied at school. He says the boy’s family doesn’t blame the school system, but believes more can be done to help kids going through difficult times.

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