3 year anniversary of the first Covid case

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Three years ago today, the world changed as we once knew it…the first case of Covid in the U.S. was confirmed. 

A man in his 30s near Seattle, Washington was the first case. He had just returned from Wuhan, China. Later studies did say there was evidence there were more cases in the U.S. weeks before this. 

Dr. William Moss at Med Center Health says when he first heard about it he thought it would last a few months. He said then colleague Dr. Rebecca Shadowen quickly brought him back down to earth- that it would be much more serious. She later sadly passed from Covid. 

Dr. Moss reflects on what those beginning stages of Covid were like in that first year. 

“There were days I would come into the ER and my first ten patients were Covid that I had to admit and were sick and dying. There were some days we would have parents come talk to their grandparents and all we could do was give them an iPad to talk to them and those were their last words,” said Dr. Moss. 

Since 2020, more than 668 million Covid cases have been reported in the nation.