‘Unicorn Puppy’ goes viral

(WPSD) A puppy with a growth that resembles a tail on his head is gaining national attention.

That dog is Narwhal, a 10-week-old puppy who is under the care of Mac’s Mission in Jackson, Missouri. The nonprofit rescues homeless dogs with special needs or injuries.

“If you think of the worst of the worst of abuse, trauma, illness, birth deformities, defects — that’s what we specialize in,” said Rochelle Steffen, founder of Mac’s Mission.

Steffen said someone found Narwhal and an older dog on Saturday in a rural area near Kansas City. The information about the two dogs was shared on social media, and Steffen was tagged in one of the posts, because people are familiar with her rescue.

Narwhal is currently about four pounds. The little tail between his eyes is composed of soft tissue, with no bones or nerves. The veterinarian who examined him said it does not pose a health risk at this time.

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