2015 Audit of Logan County Shows Money Handling Discrepancies

Logan County, KY (WNKY-TV) – The 2015 audit for Logan County showed a number of discrepancies, especially the way money is handled at the County jail. Commonwealth Auditor Mike Harmon’s report said the jail neglected to segregate money from various accounts, simply meaning there weren’t enough people checking the collection and distribution of money on a daily basis. The reports said deposits and check-out sheets were not filled out daily, which is a requirement in state regulations. While funds were neither missing nor misused, the report faulted the county for assigning only one person to handle the bookkeeping duties and that was a cause for concern.

"While there’s no allegations or any findings of inaccuracies it does create an opportunity for errors or inaccurate financial reporting because of the fact that your staff is limited and you don’t have proper segregation of duties as it concerns maintaining proper records for the jails commissary fund," said Communications Director of the Auditor’s office Mike Goins.

Jailer Phil Gregory was unavailable for comment, but Logan County Judge Executive Logan Chick told WNKY the reason for these findings is simply because they don’t have enough staff at the jail and there was a change in financial procedures they were unaware of."

"A new jailer was elected this year. This was his first year in office and he had a lot of growing pains and office pains from the lack of staff when he took over the jail. I think you are going to see some of this stuff corrected. You may not see all of it corrected in the next audit that comes out because we were unaware of the situation as far as an audit perspective until the next audit was done. We’ve already had another audit and another exit since this audit has been presented to us," said Logan County Judge Executive Logan Chick.

Judge Chick said the discrepancies in the report are being addressed and he wants the public to understand that no laws were broken and no money was misplaced.