2019 K-Count shows increase in homeless population

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A recent count of Kentucky’s homeless population shows an increase, and also a major change in the type of homelessness that people are experiencing.

The statewide count of the homeless, called K-Count, finds over the past three years Kentucky’s homeless population has increased by 600.

The total number of homeless people in Kentucky as of this year has now reached just over 4,000…in Warren County that number amounts to 121 people, according to the K-count.

More surprising findings are that most of the homeless population are not chronically homeless nor are they living on the streets.

In fact, most homeless people in Kentucky are experiencing temporary homelessness, living in transitional or emergency housing.

The public relations manager at Hope House Ministries is not surprised by the findings.

“We’ve seen people are not chronically on the streets, but they have hit a bump in the road and they are suddenly homeless. We do have one shelter in Bowling Green, but as far as getting people plugged into affordable and supportive housing it can be challenging. It can be a process, there can be a lapse in time there where someone is homeless in between. So, we’ve certainly seen that pattern,” said Casey Rice.

According to the K-Count out of the 121 homeless people living in Warren County, 95 of them are in emergency housing. The K-count is coordinated by the Kentucky Housing Corporation, find the full results HERE.