Murder suspect brings body to police station

(KCRA/NBC News) A Roseville, California man is in custody after he turned himself in to police in connection to a quadruple homicide. The body of one of his victims was in the car he drove to the police station in Mount Shasta…more than 200 miles away from the original Roseville crime scene.

The man walked into the Mount Shasta Police Department station Monday and told authorities he had killed people at his home in Roseville, police said at a news conference.

The body found in the car was a male, according to Mount Shasta police.

Three additional bodies were found at the man’s apartment in Roseville.

The man is believed to be the sole suspect in the killings, police said.

Chris Olin said he saw law enforcement going in and out of an apartment just feet from his home but had no idea what was going on.

“A number of them were in white hazmat suits with what appeared to be some kind of respirator or breathing masks on,” he said.

Olin said he also saw a police helicopter overhead and heard a message repeating for over an hour.

“They said the boy’s name, ‘we know you might be out there,’ a description of what he was wearing and, ‘we need you to contact the police department. You’re not in trouble. We just want to make sure you’re safe,’” he said.

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