11th Annual Vets ‘N Vettes event

Celebrating American Veterans in America’s sports car…

Today the National Corvette Museum held it’s 11th annual “Vets ‘N Vettes” event at the Motorsports Park.

The name says it all, Veterans in Corvettes.

Veterans from all around the country came out to the Motorsports Parks to take unlimited laps around the race track and some even drove their own.

“It’s like being in a fraternity, just a giant fraternity of people who think and act just like you and love this country so much that they were all willing to give their life. I don’t care where they went, if they were carrying ammo behind the lines. They signed on the dotted line and they were ready to die for our nation." says Philip Monteleone, a proud veteran. 

The event was created to celebrate veterans and their service to our country.

“Being a veteran, we went over because number one, I felt it was my obligation as an American to go over and defend our country.” says Jeff McQuade, a proud veteran.

Veterans from every military branch and hundreds of Corvettes filled the park.

“I enlisted in the Navy back in 1965 and got discharged out of the Navy in 1971 and went back into the Army National Guard as military police back in I think 1983, and retired in 2003." says Doug Keisker, a proud veteran.

Vets ‘N Vettes is just one of the many ways the museum is celebrating veterans throughout the month of November.

“Oh it means tremendous, a lot to me that we protect the country and support everyone here.” says Ruth Wooldridge, a proud veteran. 

The National Corvette Museum is offering free admission to all American military veterans during the month of November.