10-year-old entrepreneur starts jewelry business

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Not many 10 year old’s are entrepreneurs. 

Meet Bowling Green native Olivia Johnson, the owner of Sassy Snaps Jewelry. 

“Olivia’s been interested in running a business since she was probably five,” said her mom Jamie Johnson. 

This year she decided she was going to start a business selling jewelry. 

“The money to buy my business I saved up from allowance, birthdays, Christmas,” said Olivia. 

Olivia had always dreamed of starting her own ice cream shop. But she said for now she’s practicing her skills of being a business owner with Sassy Snaps.

“It’s changeable jewelry, you can change out the beads on bracelets, rings and necklaces,” said Olivia. 

Jamie says she’s going to learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime. 

“She just has a mind for business and a lot more interest in that kind of stuff. She’s very curious about how much things cost and how things are made. She’s not like every other kid. For her, doing stuff with her business, counting the inventory, putting her jewelry together, that stuff is fun for her, she enjoys that,” said Jamie.

Olivia sells online through social media and is going to sell in person at craft shows and vendors. 

She says you’re never too young to chase your dreams. 

“I hope I inspire other people to start their own business too,” said Olivia.