World War II Veteran Survives COVID-19

96-year-old Luther "Lupy" Myhro is on the mend after spending weeks battling the virus. KTTC's Alex Tejada reports.

(KTTC/NBC News) — A Minnesota World War II veteran is back home and on the mend after a harrowing bout with COVID-19.

Luther Myrho, known to all as Lupy, fell ill in early September.

“So they examined me and at first they said it was something with my heart,” the 96-year-old says. “I’ve never had heart problems before.”

A mandatory test at the hospital showed he had COVID-19.

The problems did not end when Lupy left the hospital to finish recovering at his son’s house.

“He got worse instead of better,” his son, Steve, remembers. “He developed a fever and that was when we had to go back to Mayo.”

The virus attacked Lupy’s central nervous system. It affected his legs to the point where he was unable to sleep.

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