World War II reenactment: Operation Anvil unfolds in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Over the weekend, hundreds of citizens gathered to watch a reenactment of World War 2: Operation Anvil at Phil Moore Park. 

Operation Anvil was the battle for Southern France in 1944. This is the fourth annual reenactment in Bowling Green…it’s presented by Honoring our Heroes, Inc. which is dedicated to preserving living history. 

 A group of reenactors, including members from Greenwood High School’s JROTC program participated in the recreation of the historic event. 

“These are mostly some things that a lot of people haven’t experienced. We do have veterans who have experienced it, but a lot of citizens who haven’t been in the military haven’t experienced it. And when you get to see that, you get to see what people went through. Now this is nowhere near as brutal or heartfelt as the real thing would be, but it kind of gives people an image,” said JROTC member Petra Wallace. 

After the reenactment, veterans and active duty members were honored in a medal ceremony.