WKU student and aspiring meterologist goes viral on Tik Tok

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A student at Western Kentucky University, who is also an aspiring meteorologist, has gone viral on social media. 

Freshman Hunter Lee has over 100,000 likes and nearly one million views on a video he posted at the first Western football game. It had rained during the game, and Hunter said he wanted to capture the moment. 

Hunter is studying meteorology at WKU and said he’s wanted to be a weatherman since he was five years old. 

Hunter said he has Asperger’s, and hopes to be an inspiration to others who have it too. He said people with Asperger’s take a lot of interest in science, like meteorology.

“Always be yourself. I think, especially what my dad said about this video going viral, being myself is what made it happen. I wasn’t being anybody except myself,” said Lee. 

Hunter said he’s going to keep making Tik Tok videos, especially at WKU sporting events.