WKU hosts annual Pro Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – NFL eyes were on Western Kentucky today as Bailey Zappe, Jerreth Sterns, and DeAngelo Malone made their case to hear their name in Las Vegas. In his third year at the helm head coach Tyson Helton has seen the progression in pro status on the hill.

“Every year that you’re in a program, you’re always trying to take the next step and one of those steps for us is always putting players on the platform to be draftable players and to be high draft picks and to make an NFL team and every year we’ve been here we’ve seen that that progress,” Helton said.

For fifth-year senior and WKU all-time sack leader DeAngelo Malone, today’s goal was to keep up his success from the NFL Combine.

“The main thing is to stay focused and just prove my point that I’m able to do something very versatile,” Malone said.

Wide receiver Jerreth Sterns wasn’t invited to Indianapolis earlier this month, making today even more important.

“It means everything because the combine is a big part of the draft process and obviously, I wasn’t there,” Sterns said. “I felt I was snubbed but I mean, at the end of the day, God has me where he wants me, so I got to make the best of my opportunity and that’s what I did today.”

And record-setting quarterback Bailey Zappe is soaking in his pre-draft experience before his name is called by Commissioner Goodell.

“You know, being able to speak to those guys hear what they have to say and learn from them kind of soak up as much knowledge as I can from you know, guys that have played in the league before,” Zappe said. “So, it’s been fun. I mean, it’s amazing process and now the next the biggest thing is the next thing so you know, kind of getting ready for draft kind of excited about that.”

While the hill will be losing several key pieces, coach Helton is ready to see his guys make their mark in the National Football League.

“That’s kind of the next big thing,” Helton said. “We all wait with anticipation and to see their name called and that’s always a special deal the hear those names called and it’ll be sentimental for me here now. But it it’s something that now everybody is going to look forward to and Joe got better gets some gear out of the deal too.”