WKU football player’s apartment destroyed

BOWLING GREEN, Ky./BOCA RATON, Fl.- The Hilltoppers have been counting down the days until their bowl game, but none of them would have imagined that just one week before the game, deadly tornadoes would rip through downtown Bowling Green. One player tells me he lost almost everything. 

“It was quiet for like three minutes, then next thing you know I hear trembling and my wall is trembling like about to come off.”

WKU Defensive tackle Jeremy Darvin was in his apartment on the bypass when the tornado hit early Saturday morning. 

“Our window actually busted from our living room into our kitchen. Leaves, glass is flying in, every window in my house is busted, every single one. I’m telling myself we got things flying in here, there’s no telling what’s in the air so I was just trying to get down and get covered up,” said Darvin. 

Barely anything was salvageable…Darvin said he was able to save his football memorabilia from his career and a few clothes…that’s it. 

He said the staff in the WKU football program helped save them from the destruction. 

“We’ve been getting help from almost everywhere, I mean the program, Nick [Uhlenhopp], [Tyson] Helton, all those guys made sure we were all right. Nick actually came and picked us up that night and put us in a hotel.”

Darvin said with all the help he received he was still able to make the trip to the bowl game. And as a senior, it’s his last time.

“I knew this was my last time here, being a WKU football player, with this group, a very special group I just wanna say first off, I definitely want to be down here with the guys and just be down here even though I’m not playing just have that same positive spirit mentorship and just help coach the guys and stuff like that,” said Darvin. 

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