WKU and GO bg Transit work to further align

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you heard about changes to coming to the bus system in Bowling Green and Western Kentucky University, they’re going live now.

WKU and Bowling Green have recently both started to operate their transit systems under one contractor, which comes with a list of benefits to both parties involved.

News 40 spoke to both Brent Childers with Neighborhood & Community Services and Dr. Jennifer Tougas with WKU’s Business Services department about the changes.

Childers said it’s been in the making for around a year and that a move like this is going to positively impact the “economies of scale” on both sides. Tougas said they’ll be able to work on the city buses at WKU’s transportation center, the city will aid in the ADA aspect of the system and that it can help in labor as well.