WKU AD Stewart hopeful for 25% capacity this fall

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – We are just over three weeks away from Western Kentucky’s regular season opener at Louisville and still all the chatter is centered around how conferences are going to be able to pull off this college football season.

One of the biggest talking points of the upcoming campaign is whether or not fans will be allowed in the stands, and if so, how many will be permitted.

Western Kentucky University’s Athletic Director, Todd Stewart, says an exact number of fans is still to be determined, but based on what other schools across the country have decided to do, he can give a pretty good estimate as to how many people will be allowed to attend Hilltoppers home games this fall.

“Right now… I’m hopeful we can do 25% and maybe more,” Stewart explains. “I don’t think where it stops is where it will end. It could become less or it could become more. I think the circumstances will dictate that.”

Even though WKU’s Director of Athletics knows that college sports teams will be embarking on an athletic year unlike any other, he still maintains his upbeat, positive nature about the months to come and reiterates that the current state of sports won’t be a long-term reality.

“Big-picture wise, we know how this ends,” Stewart says,”There will be a day when there is no virus.”