White House shifts coronavirus strategy

With approval of his handling of the pandemic plummeting, President Trump tweets his support for masks and resumes daily COVID-19 briefings. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News) — With packed hospitals, doctors and nurses stretched to their limits and an economic crisis that has left millions unemployed, the White House is making a clear shift in their coronavirus pandemic strategy.

President Trump, lagging in the polls, has resumed daily coronavirus task force briefings for the first time since April and tweeted his supports for wearing masks.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Mr. Trump’s rival in the upcoming November election, is questioning his methods and motives.

“He has no idea what to do. Zero,” Biden said Tuesday. “He has one thing in mind, how does he win re-election, and it doesn’t matter how many people get COVID or die from COVID.”

With the rate of infection and deaths from COVID-19 climbing, lawmakers are bitterly divided in the debate over a new relief bill.

Key sticking points include a payroll tax cut pushed by the White House, funds for testing, opening schools, unemployment benefits and a second round of stimulus checks.

Republicans and Democrats are reportedly $2-trillion apart on the funding for the bill.

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