WEHS students, community learns CPR after Hamlin’s accident

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Youth, and adults, are taking action to learn CPR after Damar Hamlin’s health scare on the field. 

“I feel like the incident with Damar Hamlin showed the country that this could happen at any time, any moment,” said Warren East High School teacher Amy Hall. 

Students in Mrs. Hall’s class are learning how to administer CPR and the steps that come before performing the procedure.

“Make sure the scene is safe. Then you walk up to them and you have to check for consciousness so you slam on their chest and ask if they’re ok and then you check for their pulse, ask someone to call 911 and get an AED, then place your hands and start compressions,” said junior student in the class Macy Price. 

She hopes students leave the class feeling able to put their skills into action. 

“There’s like seconds between life or death. Everybody knows what CPR is, but knowing how to get it well and correctly and knowing that could save somebody,’” said Price. 

Across town, another citizen is certified in CPR because of Hamlin’s emergency. 

“When Damar Hamlin went down, I’m like not medical, I’m never gonna be medical, but I might save a life so there you go,” said Dan Rudloff, who just completed his CPR course. 

You’ll never know when you may need to put CPR knowledge into action, but being prepared could be the reason someone lives to see tomorrow.

“She emailed me, a former student, and she was like Ms. Hall, I just wanted to let you know I came home from school, my dad collapsed, I ended up having to perform CPR on him and I saved his life because of what I learned in your class,” said Hall.