Warren County’s first coronavirus patient says local hospital workers are prepared

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The first person to be diagnosed in Warren County with COVID-19 is now recovering at home.

David Broderick, 73, an attorney from Bowling Green, was diagnosed this week at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, after recently traveling to Colorado.

Broderick, who is now in isolation at home and on antibiotics, said he is still dealing with a cough, but overall is doing pretty good.

Some of his other symptoms like a sinus infection and no appetite have subsided.

Broderick spent several days in isolation at the hospital. Speaking by phone with WNKY on Friday, Broderick said he believes TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital is prepared for the worst.

“They were all over it,” said Broderick. “I spent four days by myself in isolation. They had somebody at my door the whole time. If they came to see me, they had on a plastic mask, regular mask and a covering over their uniform. The doctors and nursing staff are all over it.”

Broderick will be quarantined at home for the next three days.

He said his family and coworkers are all taking the necessary precautions and advised the general public to heed the warnings and practice social distancing.