Warren Central High School renovations include many upgrades

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-For 70 years, Warren Central High School has stood as a learning environment. Now, the Dragons are in the process of breathing new life into that space.

As part of a $16 million renovation project, Warren Central is now in phase two of the renovation. Phase one involved making room for the changes. A corridor will be added between buildings so students and staff can easily get from one place to the next, along with revamped locker rooms. Chief financial officer of the Warren County Schools, Chris McIntyre, explained some of the other coming changes.

“It entails a complete new roof, demolition of the cafeteria and kitchen. A new cafeteria and kitchen will come back along with an auxiliary gym for the school and students to have additional space for opportunities,” McIntyre said.

It’s a tall order, but one that will be completed.

“The gym and the cafeteria are our main focus at this point and time. Then we’ll come back and address some of the auxiliary entrances such as to the basketball and the volleyball gym, and main gym to the facility,” McIntyre said.

Once school starts back, the band room and the choir room will still be in the process of being worked on. In the meantime, those students will be moved to the auditorium so they can continue with their day to day activities.

Aside from this, the only other affected area will be the parking lot.

“It will have some impact. Obviously, it will have impact on parking, but nothing that we didn’t experience last January when we started this project,” McIntyre said.

When it’s said and done, Warren Central can cross a new learning environment off the list.

“It’s amazing. The opportunities that we are able to give students and the facilities that we’re able to provide not only our students but our staff, and community to utilize are second to none. We’re extremely proud of that and look forward to what it brings to our students as far as opportunities and to exceed the expectations of the community,” McIntyre said.