Virtual Learning & Your Child’s Vision

Added screen time, already a concern during the pandemic, could put even more strain on a child's eyes during virtual school sessions. WDIV's Dr. Frank McGeorge reports.

(WDIV/NBC News) — With most students starting school virtually this year, extra screen time will be unavoidable.

Even children going back to class face-to-face will be spending more time on computers than ever before.

That has a lot of parents wondering what the impact could be on children’s vision.

“The screen time issue was a problem before the pandemic. Now with the schools going virtual, even more so,” says Dr. Rajesh Rao, chief of pediatric ophthalmology at Michigan’s Beaumont Hospital.

That can cause issues for some children.

“The more common issues are short term, what we call eye strain, digital eye strain, if you will. That leads to discomfort of your eyes, tiredness feeling, dryness of the eyes, and these are things that really just require you to take some rest,” Dr. Rao explains.

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