Executive Director Vicki Fitch announces retirement from BGACVB

Following 27 years with the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Executive Director Vicki Fitch has announced she’s retiring.

“Whoever replaces me will come in with new, great ideas and that will be wonderful for tourism here,” Fitch says.

She announced her retirement this week at the bureau’s monthly board meeting—effective December 1st.

“I hope to become a lot more involved with volunteering with the Women’s Fund and maybe some new adventures.”

Fitch has served as executive director for 13 years and before that, 14 years as the marketing director.

“When I first came here we had a tiny budget,” Fitch says. “There was no convention center. There was no [National] Corvette Museum. There was very few attractions, but that has just grown massively.”

In a heartfelt release, the chairman of the CVB, Larry Bailey, says under Fitch’s leadership they’ve earned various awards for tourism’s positive economic impact in Bowling green and Warren county, in addition to the $449,000,000 tourism dollars brought the community in 2017 and the creation of over 4,000 jobs.

“I want nothing more,” Fitch says, “than for the building blocks that we have put in place to provide the new executive director a starting pad. They are going to be able to come into good situation, not just a good situation but a great situation and be able to build on that and with new ideas and keep moving Bowling Green forward. That’s the most important part.”

Fitch plans to remain in Bowling Green where she will continue to invest in the city, but also travel—one her passions and reasons for joining the bureau 27 years ago.

The board will begin the search for a new executive director immediately.

For more information, contact Beth Noffsinger, PR Manager, at beth@visitbgky.com or (270) 782-0800.