VeoRide bikes arrive at WKU

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new method for Western Kentucky University students to get around the Hill arrived yesterday, with the school officially bringing in a new fleet of VeoRide bicycles for students to use.

VeoRide and WKU initially inked a deal back in September to bring the bikes to campus.

The company has supplied 180 seven-speed bicycles with WKU logos and colors on them. They hope to add e-assist bikes to the fleet in the future as well.

Renting one of the bikes is rather simple. All you need to do is download the VeoRide app and locate one of their bicycles.

Then, open bluetooth on your phone and scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it. Then the bike should be good to go, and you can get on your way.

Rental rates currently start at 50 cents for 15 minutes, and there are also daily, monthly, and annual passes available for students to purchase.