VAMPY Camp underway at WKU for advanced students across the nation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Western Kentucky University’s Center for Gifted Studies is hosting its annual Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth Camp.

VAMPY Camp began Monday, and students got right to work studying in their specific field of learning with different topics, lectures and experiments on campus.

This year there are currently 112 students, rising 8th through 11th graders participating.

These students who qualify for the camp with a high S.A.T. score or A.C.T. score.

Tuesday, students were learning physics and trying to figure out a way to drop an egg without it breaking along with several other advanced classes.

“Yesterday (Monday) they did some experiments and they were thrilled to do that. In Nazi Germany in the Holocaust, they’ll do a mural. They’ll put Hitler on trial. They’ll do lots of things. It is very high level and for students who are ready, this is a treat for them to have that opportunity to learn with others who are equally interested in learning about that topic,”

The camp lasts for three weeks and students will study seven hours, five days a week during the camp.