USPS: More than 5,300 mail carriers attacked by dogs last year

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Photo source: CNN

(CNN) – The United States Post Office released its annual list of states with the most dog bites against its carriers.

In 2022, California and Texas were the states with the highest number of dog bites.

USPS says it recorded 675 attacks in the Golden State while Texas totaled 404.

Houston, Los Angeles and Dallas were the cities with the most dog bites.

USPS says more than 5,300 of its employees nationwide were attacked by dogs last year.

The post office reports this list every year as the beginning of National Dog Bite Awareness Week.

The agency says it trains its carriers not to startle the dogs and to avoid interacting with them.

USPS says the best thing to do is to keep your pets on a leash, behind the fence, inside your home and away from the door.