UPS drivers volunteer to host donation drive

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green United Parcel Service hub hosted a donation drive with some of their drivers volunteering their time to collect and transport donations.

This time of the year is the busiest for these delivery drivers bringing packages house to house and business to business.

The team collected around one and a half PUP Trailers full of goods for people impacted by the tornadoes.

This was an initiative put together by local drivers who see the devastation every day leaving working going out into the community to deliver packages.

“The community orders packages and it gives all of us a job. So, they take care of us throughout the year and throughout our career so we wanted to have the opportunity to give back. So some guys got together and wanted to do this drive. This trailer here is going to go to Park City to be distributed up there. It will go to the state park for some people who have been displaced. The one on this side is going to go over here to Jennings Creek,” said Kerry Young, driver, UPS.

The team has not yet decided whether or not to host a donation drive again next week, but will be keeping track of the needs in the community and deciding closer to the weekend.