Unheeded Warnings: Travel Surges Despite COVID-19 Risk

Millions of travelers are packing airports and highways ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, despite a CDC warning urging Americans to stay at home to reduce COVID-19's spread. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News) — In airports across the country masks are the only evidence we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Terminals were packed with travelers Monday, even after the Centers for Disease Control joined chorus of officials and health professionals pleading with Americans to stay home for the holidays.

Many aren’t getting the message.

More than three million passengers filled airports over the weekend. Sunday was the busiest day of air travel since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Those numbers, along with the ongoing surge in infections and deaths could be, according to doctors, a dangerous recipe for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Experts predict the already surging number of infections will increase even more.

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