Tweak to Tax Bill Leads to Another House Vote

A tweak to the Tax Reform bill means the House has to vote on the plan again…just one day after passing the massive legislation. 

When that’s done, Republicans will head to the White House to celebrate with President Trump.  

In a vote that is more formality than question mark, the house is once again prepared to pass a one-point-five trillion dollar tax bill.

The revote was necessary because the bill was tweaked slightly before the senate passed it late last night along party lines.

Analysts say there will be cuts across every income tax bracket.  On average, tax payers will see a savings of 16-hundred dollars.

Democrats opposed the bill because they say the majority of tax relief goes to the very wealthy and corporations.

And the democratic message appears to be having an impact, with CBS news polls showing most Americans say the plan will corporations and only about a quarter saying it will help themselves.

Republicans say that will soon change.

But for now – selling the merits of the bill will take a back seat to celebrating it’s passage.

Republicans plan to gather with president trump at the white house this afternoon.