Trump: Supreme Court Ruling “Physically Dangerous”

Railing against mail-in voting on the eve of the election, President Trump calls the Supreme Court decision to allow ballots post-marked prior to election day but arriving after polls close "physically dangerous." NBC's Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News)  — On the eve of the election President Trump traveled nearly 2,500 miles, campaigning in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, states he won four years ago, but where current polls show him in a tight race or trailing Joe Biden.

In his final rallies, the president continued to question the validity of millions of early, mail-in ballots, threatening legal action challenging any votes that come in after election day.

At least 21-states and the District of Columbia allow ballots postmarked by election day to be counted if they arrive after Tuesday, including at least four critical swing states.

President Trump warned voters in Pennsylvania that a longer period to count votes could lead to problems.

“When the Supreme Court gave you an extension, they made a very dangerous situation and I mean dangerous, physically dangerous,” Mr. Trump warned.

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