Trump On Trial: “He Tried To Cheat, He Got Caught”

(NBC News) In their third and final day of opening arguments Friday, House impeachment managers zeroed in on the final charge against President Trump: Obstruction of Congress during the House impeachment investigation.

“President Trump tried to cheat, he got caught and then he worked hard to cover it up,” House impeachment manager Rep. Hakeem Jeffries told the Senate.

Democrats laid out a timeline, alleging President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, while withholding military aid, that his administration tried to bury records of the president’s July call with Ukraine’s leader, and that he is still hiding the truth by blocking witnesses from testifying and documents from being released.

President Trump’s legal team is set to begin its case Saturday, upsetting the former reality TV star, who called the saturday time slot the “Death Valley” of ratings.

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