Trump Joins Texas Election Lawsuit

The president is throwing his support behind the suit, which challenges election results in four key states even as other Republicans describe it as "madness." NBC's Alice Barr reports.

(NBC News) — President Trump is joining a Texas-launched Supreme Court challenge that aims to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in four battleground states.

Republican attorneys general from 17 states are now backing the suit.

Experts say the challenge has virtually no chance of succeeding.

“These allegations have been fully litigated in state and federal courts throughout the country and have been rejected,” notes Boston University law professor Robert Tsai.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has called the effort “madness,” while Texas Senator John Cornyn said it was “pretty much unprecedented” for one state to try to undo the election results of another.

With the Electoral College set to vote on Monday, election law experts say it would be unconstitutional to delay that vote in the four states named in the suit.

One of those states, Pennsylvania, has responded by saying Texas doesn’t have legal standing to file suit just because it dislikes the election results.

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