Toyota donates four vehicles to SKYCTC transportation programs

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A certain department at South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College has received some help in the form of tangible donations.

Toyota is donating four vehicles to the college’s automotive technology programs.

The vehicles donated include all wheel hybrid models of Camry and Rav4, and they range from 2017 to 2021. The goal is to use these modern vehicles to get students more hands on-experience when it comes to working with the newer features of cars.

Since SKYCTC wouldn’t be able to purchase vehicles as frequently to keep up with the current technology, college staff say this donation is much appreciated.

“We’re very grateful, because our normal process here is to take in live work from the community, and our students will work on all different types of problems with vehicles. Very seldom do we get the chance to have a modern vehicle where we can actually design our own specific labs where the focus is on the new electronics and collision avoidance systems of these new cars,” said SKYCTC dean of advanced manufacturing technologies Gene Basil.

As of now, there isn’t a set date on when the cars will come in, but the estimate is by this fall semester.