WNKY 40 Weather Forecast

Forecast: Refreshing Times Are Here!

Good Tuesday morning! After yesterday’s active weather, calm and refreshing times are in store for south central Kentucky! We get a reprieve from the heat and the summer mugginess, how long does this nice September feel stick around? The answer, is in the forecast!

Not only did yesterday’s cold front usher in rain and windy conditions, it’s ushering in a refreshed feel! Daytime highs won’t make it out of the 70s today despite the sunshine. That’s courtesy of a cool northerly breeze.


Overnight thermometers will drop at least 10 degrees below our seasonal low temps for this time of year. This may feel chilly since overnight lows aren’t dropping into the mid to upper 60s like we’re used to. Skies remain mostly clear.


Temperatures are below average for the next few days. Seasonable weather returns later in the week along with rain chances by Friday.

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