News 40 Weather Forecast

Forecast: A fantastic first Fall weekend

If you’ve been itching to call it a day so you can start your weekend, you can blame it on the weather, at least in part…we have a fantastic forecast and the weather conditions we’ll experience are already underway!

We’ll start out with a somewhat cool night. You’ll notice more clouds filtering into the skies this evening, too. By morning, a few showers are possible but temperatures by morning will fall to the low 50s.Tonight

We’ll see a slight chance of showers for the first half of Saturday but those showers will be isolated in nature, so that means you don’t have to cancel any plans that an umbrella can’t fix. Daytime highs will hit the low 70s. Speaking of rain, rainfall amounts will be light…for many only a couple tenths of an inch!Future Rain

We’re in for a dry stretch after tomorrows slight rain chance. Afternoon temperatures through the second half of next week will rise to the mid-80s by Tuesday but then daytime highs will fall to the upper 70s by the end of next week.

Morning lows will fall to the upper 50s to low 60s for most of the forecast period, but our morning lows will fall just a bit…to the mid-50s by the end of next week.7 Day

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