“Thrown To The Wolves”

(WIS) The South Carolina Association of School Nurses says it’s too soon and disease spread is too high to send children back to school for in-person learning.

This comes after Governor Henry McMaster held a press conference Wednesday urging school districts to give parents the option of returning to the classroom five days a week.

While these nurses understand the need for in-person learning, they don’t think that should come at the expense of risking students’ and teachers’ safety.

“I kind of feel like school districts are being thrown to the wolves. It is too soon. Right now across the state, we are high and we are the third highest in the nation in COVID,” said Dawn MacAdams, immediate past president of the Association of Nurses and lead nurse for Richland School District Two.

More than 120 schools currently do not have a full-time nurse, and more than 70 only have a part-time nurse. MacAdams is expecting that staffing shortage to get even worse.

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