Thrive program serving kids in Bowling Green and Warren County

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – At the Michael O. Buchanon Park, Warren County Parks and Recreation along with the Warren County Public Library provided their last summer camp for 2023.

The Thrive program that started with Warren County Parks & Rec as “Rec on The Run” has turned into a community action project that has over the past few years served many kids in Warren County and now combines library and parks staff to provide free and organized fun for kids who might not be able to enjoy a camp or park on a regular basis.

Thrive team leader and parks employee Patrick Weeks said he’s had a great summer working with the kids and getting them involved with the summer camps as well as visiting mobile home areas and apartment complexes.

News 40 spoke to a mother as well who has frequented the camps, who said it’s nice for her and her son because as a teacher, she doesn’t always get to attend things like other parents are able to do with their children so the camps help them both to get closer and a better understanding of what he is interested in.

The beauty of the Thrive program, Weeks tell us, is that it’s free and gets different parts of the community involved, making it possible to make a special day for kids all throughout the area.