Therapy dog ‘Professor Chip’ visits WKU students during finals

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-What better way to take the stress away during finals than spending time with a puppy?

“Even the ones who were heading out the door for a statistics exam said,” Can I pet the dog?’ and then ‘this will make a difference’,” said WKU Dean of College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Corinne Murphy. 

Meet Chip, a one-year-old cavapoo, and the therapy dog at Western Kentucky University. 

“He came to us in July of this year, so he’s brand new. I like to tell our students he’s a freshman just like they are,” said Murphy. 

His nickname is Professor Chip.

“That comes from his distinguished eyebrows and some say he has a beard,” said Murphy. 

Professor Chip visited the Commons at WKU to meet with students studying for fall term finals. 

“My mom called me yesterday and she’s like ‘oh my gosh I read online there’s gonna be a dog there helping study and making sure everyone’s calm for finals’ and I was like well I definitely gotta go,” said student Ali Poyton. 

It gave students a few minutes to forget about all their upcoming papers and tests. 

“I didn’t know Professor Chip was coming, I was shocked. I’m sitting here minding my own business writing my paper. It gave me a little study break, it made me feel good,” said student Amelia Harl. 

For some students far away from home, it reminded them of their family dogs.

“It’s a little piece of home I feel like,” said student Rachel Chrisman. 

Therapy dogs are becoming more and more common, providing a variety of benefits. 

“Therapy dogs really are trained to, no matter who you are, join with you, sit with you, and have a calm day,” said Murphy.