The Third Annual Down At the Creek Community Celebration for the Bowling Green Community

A new development is being born at Jennings Creek Park, and this weekend you have the chance to experience nature in a new way.
As the park is coming back to life, and August 19th will be a day of celebration, full of games, exploring, and honoring those we lost to the devastating tornado.
The event will also give people the opportunity to gain a new appreciation for being in the outdoors.

“It’s taking this Greenway, this trail engaging with the community providing a lot of fun activities and just celebrating spaces like this that we are trying to conserve and preserve here in our growing city,” says Cameron Levis The Parks and Rec Coordinator.

This Saturday, down at the creek, there will be a community celebration from 9 a-m to 12 p-m (behind Jennings Creek Elementary School). You can experience all the fun and explore new ways to unite with nature.