The Quasquibicentennial celebration of 225 years of Barren County

BARREN COUNTY, Ky.-If you’re staying in Barren County, the Quasquibicentennial Celebration is a weekend full of festivities to celebrate over 200 years of Barren County.

Throughout this weekend celebration, expect to experience excitement with friends and family while enjoying free food, live music, and to wrap up the weekend, a time capsule will be filled with all things 2023.

Jessie Crabtree, the chairmen of Quasquibicentennial, says, “It is the celebration of 225 years of Barren County. Every body’s invited. The businesses are all joining in to make this free for the public. All the kids that go to this one day will look back and say I was there and I remember.”

For more details and updates for this weekend, visit the event’s Facebook page here.