“Teddy Roosevelt” salutes truckers

Perched on a hillside outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, "President Theodore Roosevelt" waved an American flag and saluted truckers for their part in keeping the country supplied in a time of crisis Sunday. KFYR's Max Grossfeld reports.

(KFYR/NBC News) Even though Theodore Roosevelt National Park is closed as the country battles coronavirus, its namesake is staying busy by giving thanks.

As trucks passed by the Medora exit on I-94 in North Dakota Sunday, they were greeted with a laugh, a salute and a holler.

“Bully for America’s truckers!” yelled Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States…or at least the actor portraying him.

He credited North Dakota for helping to make him a man. Now, he wants to give back to those on the roads.

“I see the American economy moving, I see the country moving, and I see the trucker in the vanguard, taking risk for himself or herself, but doing so in a way that provides for his or her family, and provides for the nation. The least I can do is salute that good effort,” said Roosevelt.

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