Teacher Day

HORSE CAVE, KY – Teachers from hart county you have the chance to preview Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, its exotic animals, and everything that comes with it before you bring your students on a field trip.

“Natures best classroom is outdoors. Kids remember having contact like this. It’s so much easer for them to learn, so we decided to do it again this year. It’s very successful,” according to Brian Dale Director of marketing at Kentucky Down Under.

It’s an exciting time for the teachers and the students. They get to know the animals, interact with them and create memories.

“Our students were able to actually see animals that they wouldn’t see first hand out in the wild. Got to interact with them through feeding them and they just always enjoy it,” says local teach Dakota Lunsford.

Dalton bring his students to the zoo often and plans to bring them back as often as he can. If you are a Hart County teacher you still have a chance to experience teacher day this Monday. For more details visit https://www.kentuckydownunder.com/.