Summer Safety Warning: Pandemic could increase drowning risks

(NBC News) There is growing concern that protecting children from the coronavirus could expose them to other dangers around the home, especially this summer.

“We have already seen data that drownings are ticking up because kids don’t have the safe, guarded places to swim,” says YMCA of USA executive vice president Paul McEntire.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is focusing on the drowning risk in a series of new public service announcements.

Dr. Ben Hoffman chairs the academy’s council on injury prevention and says these tragedies can strike quickly.

“Almost all the drownings are with a parent that turned their back for 30 seconds, went to answer a phone call or check something in a different room, and they come back and the child is face down in the water,” Dr. Hoffman says.

He says here’s no substitute for vigilant supervision around water.

“That is an adult’s job, who has to do nothing but watch the water,” he explains. “That means no cell phone, no alcohol no other distractions.”

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