Suitcase Murder: Woman accused of zipping man in luggage and recording his cries for help

(WESH) A Winter Park, Florida woman is accused of zipping her boyfriend into a suitcase, recording his cries for help and leaving him inside until he died.

Sarah Boone, 42, was taken into custody Tuesday on second-degree murder charges in the death of Jorge Torres Jr.

Boone told Orange County investigators that a game of hide-and-seek led up to Torres getting into the suitcase. She hid in a shower first, but said Torres never came to look for her.

Investigators said Boone’s statements were inconsistent with videos they found on her phone showing Torres trying to free himself.

The video shows Torres repeatedly kept calling out Boone’s name and telling her that he could not breathe, an arrest affidavit said.

She replies by telling him it is “For everything you’ve done to me. [Expletive] you. Stupid.”

“I can’t [expletive] breathe, seriously,” he responded, according to the affidavit. “That’s on you. Oh, that’s what I feel like when you cheat on me,” she replied.

In the video, detectives Torres can be seen pushing on the suitcase, trying to get out.

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