Students send Christmas cards to soldiers in Afghanistan

MORGANTOWN,Ky.- A group of elementary school students is sending hope and love over seas just in time for the holidays.

For the past couple of weeks, students at Morgantown Elementary School have been making Christmas cards.

The students made over 500 cards to send to soldiers in Afghanistan.

The cards were displayed on a tree this week at Butler County’s Annual Festival of Trees event.

This afternoon, students removed the cards and gave them to two Army recruiters who will send them to their fellow soldiers who will not be able to come home for the holidays.

Morgantown Elementary School counselor, JoLynn Reed, helped coordinate the event.

She says she is glad they were able to do this for our soldiers.

“Oh, I am so excited and so happy to see the children and to read the cards! You don’t want to send something out that you haven’t proofed so, I read each and every individual card and there were several tears brought to my eyes,” said Reed

This was the first time the students made Christmas cards for soldiers and they hope to do it again next year.