Student’s arrest sparks claims of racial bias & excessive force

(KGW) The arrest of an Oregon State University student is sparking accusations of excessive force and racial profiling.

Body camera footage of the incident was released by Oregon State Police. One of the officers in the video is an OSP trooper assigned to work at Oregon State University, according to the state police agency. The other officer is employed by the Corvallis Police Department.

Trooper Kelly Katsikis said he stopped 21-year-old Genesis Hansen because she was riding her bicycle on the wrong side of the street. He asked for identification, but she refused to comply.

In the video, Hansen is shown asking the trooper for information and why she needs to show her ID. As a crowd forms to watch and film the interaction, the trooper calls for backup. After a lengthy conversation, Katsikis and Corvallis police officer Donald Sheldon move towards Hansen. On the video, you can see the two officers reach out to grab her. Hansen either falls or is forced to the ground, and is held there by the two officers while she’s placed in handcuffs. Hansen is then placed in the back of a patrol car. She was booked on charges of interfering with a peace officer and resisting arrest.

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