Student painted “Horses of Hope” are helping tornado victims

“Commonwealth Compassion: Horses of Hope” visits Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Students from tornado-devastated communities are using the power of art to raise funding for their hometowns.

Thanks to Independence Bank and LexArts, commissioned students from Mayfield, Dawson Springs and Bowling Green breathed life into three life-size fiberglass horses alongside professional artists.

The three students who attended Bowling Green’s traveling “Horses of Hope” each lived in communities where December’s tornadoes hit hard.

Sam Lowe said, “We had some damage at my house. Our fence got destroyed, and me and my dad’s cars were destroyed, but we can replace all that….”

Hayli Hundley recounted when the tornado took out half of her neighborhood. “My grandmother lived on that road, and she was terrified… It was just a really hard experience.”

They said they tried to express their emotions with their art.

Alexis Shehan admitted, “It made me step out of my comfort zone.”

“It feels like I’m doing something bigger than just contributing manual labor,” said Lowe.

“All of our emotions from the tornado and the tragedy, we put onto the horse to make people feel better,” explained Hundley.

The Warren County horse named “In the Presence of Inflorescence” incorporated elements like the National Corvette Museum, praying hands holding the Commonwealth and other Easter Eggs featuring their beloved homes.

Keeneland will auction these three “Horses of Hope” December 10th, one year after the severe storms – a part of their “Horse Mania” project.

Regardless of the highest bids, the “Horses of Hope” statues will permanently stand tall in their respective counties – Graves, Hopkins and Warren.

All of those proceeds will of course go toward tornado relief efforts. 

The money that the Warren County horse raises will go towards Bowling Green Independent Schools’ and Warren County Public Schools’ Family Resource Centers.