Student-led Metcalfe County Shirt Shop opens its doors

EDMONTON, Ky.-Right behind the Metcalfe County School District’s main office is a new clothing shop filled with shirts, socks and hats. It’s called the Metcalfe County Shirt Shop.

Students of Metcalfe County High School are hard at work designing and selling the merchandise. It all started when the owner of the now-closed Main Street Apparel was looking for a buyer. The new shop carries some merchandise from the previous one in addition to merchandise designed by students.

“It warms my heart every day to see how the kids are creating and coming up with their own ideas, putting them into shirts, and all kinds of things that they’re doing here,” said Metcalfe County High School business marketing coordinator Tammy Tarter.

This project is student led, meaning the young Metcalfe County Hornets take care of making designs, as well as pressing them onto blank shirts. The students love this opportunity.

“It feels really good to be part of it. It’s a great opportunity for not just me, but the rest of the kids that were selected for it to have opportunities to know what it’s like in the workforce,” said junior Haylee Samuels.

“We’re an extremely small school, and it feels good that we don’t have to be a big city school to have these amazing opportunities,” added freshman Colton Huffman.

For some students, it benefits them as far as taking a visual and hands on learning approach.

“I don’t really learn from somebody saying something. They almost have to show it to me. I’m also very tactile in terms of learning, so this really helps me. I believe most of the people here are similar,” said sophomore Dylan Thurman.

It’s seen as a chance to develop the young Hornets before they leave the nest, as well as a chance to have another business in the community of Edmonton.

“We just feel blessed to be able to offer it. We’re excited about the future of the program, and we think that really big things are coming for the students and the community,” Tarter said.