Stand for Children Day helps City of Bowling Green with new parks project

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Stand for Children Day took place at Bowling Green Ballpark. This is a fun event to give kids all the resources they need in the community.

“This is the 25th year for Stand for Children. Girl Scouts has always been a part of this for the last 15 years. Girl Scouts is a place where girls can believe and belong. We just have fun telling girls about Girl Scouts and just being with the children and having fun and standing for children,” Felicia Bland from Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana says.

One of the fun activities at the event involved what is called “dot-ocracy,” where kids place stickers on a board to help shape their city’s parks.

“We tried to get broad based input. One of them is really kids, because kids will tell you, ‘Hey, this is what I want to do.’ If we can get kids excited about a project, especially a park project, then the parents will follow along. So it’s looking at ‘how would you want to interact with this park?,'” Brent Childers, Director of the Neighborhood & Community Services Department for the City of Bowling Green says.

Another way to have your voice heard in this project is by filling out a survey on the city’s website.

“Right now, they’ve also developed the website and there’s a survey so you can go to under Featured Links: Riverfront Master Plan. You can take the survey, take the questionnaire, you can leave comments, you can get some background on the project, you can see what it is we’re trying to build because we really want to build a future regional destination park,” Childers says.

Upon completion, the public will be able to view the master plan and give additional input.

“We are expecting late this summer or early fall to have the master plan to bring that back out to the community and say, ‘Hey, this is what we saw. This is what we heard and this is the future of this park.’ They’ll have the concepts and the themes and the ideas of what this thing could look like,” Childers says.