Spent fireworks leave behind debris that can cause fires

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-With all the fireworks that expended July 4, there will naturally be some parts left behind.

For that reason, it’s essential to soak spent fireworks in water for at least a couple of hours before disposing of them. Not doing that could cause fires in case the spent fireworks reignite.

After they’ve been soaked, environmentalists say it’s important to thoroughly check the area where the fireworks were set off for any debris left behind.

“The purpose of leaving no trace means to act like you weren’t there before. When we start to blow these things up, which is amazing and always fun to mess with, just please get up the next day and pick them up,” said Lost River Cave tour staff manager Chad Singer, who has been involved in multiple environmental efforts at the cave.

Singer said wildlife can mistake firework debris for food which is why it is so important to properly dispose of the debris.