Special exhibit at Historic Rail Park and Train Museum to show rare cars

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  The Historic Rail Park and Train Depot is opening three newly restored rail cars for a rare exhibit this weekend, Aug. 17 through Aug. 19.

These rare cars have been kept at the Rail Park for several years, but are not typically open to the public.

The three featured cars include an L & N Caboose car, one of two remaining Segregated Passenger cars, and one of four remaining hospital cars in the United States.

Executive Director of the Historic Rail Park and Train Depot says, “You are literally standing inside of a train car that would’ve held thirty six injured soldiers that would’ve ridden in that car, and to be standing in that place is very surreal. And, we hope that that drives people to want to know more and want to learn more about their history.”

This is the first time these rail cars will be on exhibit, and tickets are available for purchase online at historicrailpark.com, as well as in the Historic Rail Park and Train Museum gift shop. The tours will run Thursday through Saturday.