Soothing Your Holiday Sweet Tooth

Many holiday traditions will go by the wayside this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing that appears to be holding strong is Americans love for indulging in sweet treats during the holidays. NBC's Chris Pollone reports.

(NBC News) — There’s been a well-documented baking boom during the pandemic as Americans turn to food for comfort during a most difficult year.

That means the tradition of indulging in decadent sweets during the holidays will likely continue this year.

“There’s a connection for people to chocolate and candy,” says the National Confectioners Association’s Carly Schildhaus. “It brings them joy and happiness and an unusual time. And those little moments of joy are so important. This year, and so important throughout the holiday season.”

In fact, a National Confectioners Association survey says 80 percent of Americans will buy as much or more chocolate and candy than they usually do this winter.

The same survey found a surprising point of disagreement: the “right” way to eat a candy cane.

“58-percent of Americans like to start with a straight end, 30-percent of Americans say they start with the curved end and just 12-percent of Americans say that they break their candy canes into pieces before they enjoy them,” Shildhaus says.

Baker Caitlin Foster says food can still bring us together even if we can’t be together.

“If you think about the true meaning of the holidays is really what we need to focus on spending time with our family,” Baker says.

She plans to do that over video chat.