Smiths Grove sees community efforts to clean up storm damage

SMITHS GROVE, Ky. – The storms from Sunday left a major impact on the community of Smiths Grove.

“All throughout the city, we’ve had a lot of damage. When we had those hurricane force winds back in March, we had a lot of damage. The wind was resilient for a good while, but we didn’t have the trees down in the streets and stuff. A lot of people had it in their properties more,” Smiths Grove mayor David Stiffey says.

The police chief helped out the mayor in cleaning up the roadways, and he says police work is not just about handing out tickets.

“It’s actually getting in the community. Smiths Grove is a unique community where everybody works together. The fire department here is amazing. It’s a volunteer fire department. You have the mayor and commissioners out here, neighbors are coming out, helping neighbors immediately, everybody works together as a team. We’re all one community here. We’re trying to take care of our community and we want to get our community back on its feet as soon as possible,” chief Jason Franks says.

If you’d like to help out in the clean up process, contact the Smiths Grove Police Department.

“I know not everybody has farm equipment to be able to use, but we have smaller projects that anybody can use. We have sidewalks that need to be cleaned off. Obviously, any work you can do on your own property is very, very helpful,” assistant chief of the Smiths Grove Police Department Rick Bessette says.